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Testimonials Archive

“It is encouraging to the Christians in Jos for the SOMA team to come in the midst of violence, because your presence encourages us to evangelize more.”

-The Rev. Justice Okoronkwo

"I was really tired of pastoring because I wanted to please people and not God. I feel more friendships coming together and closer to the other clergy. I was going to ask for a vacation because I was tired, but now I want to work and please God."

-From a priest in the diocese of western Mexico,
after a
SOMA conference to the clergy in Guadalajara

"Not only was the presence of the Holy Spirit felt as he poured out his annointing and healing power, but a spirit of reconciliation covered everything. I saw, heard, and witnessed with my own eyes, faces transformed, marriages reconciled, and couples beginning a fresh in their marriages. Many reported forgiveness in long held bitter roots of unforgiveness.

"The Lord did a mighty work as he poured out his spirit preparing these men and women for ministry. Much prayer ministry occured and the people were the beneficiaries of your faithfulness. We may never know the full extent of our sacrifice, but I can assure you that as a result of these efforts, many will come into the kingdom. I give praise and thanks to God for allowing me to participate in such an amazing journey."

- Marty Norman,
after mission to Mwapapwa, Tanzania